What is a Motorcycle Campground?

We have been riding for many years and have camped at many different campgrounds. Warm welcomes for riders are not always encountered. We actually started out as “Motorcycle Only”, but that didn’t last too long. Fact is, Riders are such great people, that almost everyone wants to be sharing their fun! We have a couple of sites with power hook-ups for campers and motor homes, and kids love riding their bikes along the trails through the forest. Unfortunately, too many of our friends can no longer ride, but their stories and camaraderie add warmth we could not do without. We even put in a shower and toilet for the ease of those in wheelchairs.

But the ways and needs of riders will always take priority.

Some riders get in late and others fire up their bikes to leave early in the morning. And some bikes are noisy! No Problem. It’s not about what you ride; it’s about the respect you show for the people you meet along the way.

The individual sites have been laid out to make ease of pulling in and out, and there are covered shelters for your tent, picnic table, or bike. They are situated amongst the trees towards the back of the campground. There you will get a quiet sleep before an early start to another great days riding, as the camp area is set apart from the social pavilion. The wash house is also in back, complete with hot showers, flush toilets, and laundry room.

Our social pavilion is a great place to meet other riders, exchange lies, or play a game of pool. You can plan a trip around Kootenay Lake, or any of the other world-class day rides throughout the area.

Be as social or as reclusive as you like. It’s the differences that make life interesting!