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Ready, Set, Go……..

As we’re looking out at a wintery scene reservations for next camp season are also being organized. We are having to just roll with things and hope for the best as this ongoing covid situation seems to be ever changing. Go ahead and make your plans knowing that nothing is written in stone and Toad […]

Merry Christmas

Such a lovely gift in today’s mail. A camping registration from September 7th and payment for a night’s stay, 3 coffee, and a really big tip! The money wasn’t the gift. It’s the affirmation that our honour system is alive and well and there is no reason to change it. That we really do have […]

Time for bed….

Well, the fall “monsoons” came after we had lifted our fire ban and now there is no problem at all. How else would you keep warm while winter camping? We’ll soon be blowing out the waterlines and closing the wash house and calling it a day. We managed to figure out how to best deal […]

Campfire Ban……Again

52 new forest fires in the last 24 hours in our Southeast Fire District. Evacuation alerts in Penticton and OK Falls, so “who ya gonna call?” Time for another campfire ban at Toad Rock. Sorry folks. It’s all about staying safe. BBQ’s will remain available for our guests. This is not a government call. It’s […]