Getting the Vibe Back!

2022…..bring it on. The last couple of years have been a bit of a bitch and a criticism we have heard is that we just don’t have the same vibe regular guests have become accustomed to. Too true! Forest fires, drought, road closures, smokey skies, to say nothing of the global pandemic – yes we try hard to hide our stress but it does leak out and certainly does affect the vibe we strive for. Just like “you go where you look” when you’re on your bike, the same holds true in life. So we look ahead with positivity and excitement. With thanks to everyone that has shared our vision in the past and new staff coming on board to share our future. 2022 will be our year of “almosts”. Almost 20 years as a campground, almost 50 years as our home, and as we both turn 70, almost semi retired. 

Our prices will remain the same along with our belief that you are honoured and respected to pay what you can on your way out. Sometimes wind therapy is most needed when you can least afford it, and truth and honesty will always set you free. Welcome to Toad Rock. Play with the dogs, feed the pig, laugh with your neighbors and enjoy the vibe!       Grant and Mary