Summer 2022

It’s so nice to have the campground filled with beautiful folks again, (some we haven’t seen since pre covid days), and they’re bringing their friends! So lets make a few things clear and deal with some old news and silly rumours.

Water is on! (it was never off but due to covid and heat wave conditions, there were restrictions)

There is always room for campers without reservations. On busy weekends you may not get a prime site, but you will be taken care of.

Beds go fast! Long weekends are booked up weeks in advance but there are inevitably cancellations so go ahead and submit a reservation and we’ll see what we can do.

The weather is our boss! Everything can change in a heartbeat in spite of our best efforts. 

And no, we have no idea what the air quality will be like at the end of September.   😉

And one more thing…….we are not dead and have not sold Toad Rock. We are simply enjoying entering our 70’s with the tremendous help of Gerrad and Leigha. They will be here to meet you and take care of you while we get you fed up with dinner service at Grant’s Grill.