Time for bed….

Well, the fall “monsoons” came after we had lifted our fire ban and now there is no problem at all. How else would you keep warm while winter camping? We’ll soon be blowing out the waterlines and closing the wash house and calling it a day. We managed to figure out how to best deal with Covid-19 and still enjoy ourselves so we’re ready to do it again next year (if we have to).

Folks are already calling to book gatherings and vacations for 2021 so there is no such thing as “too soon”. It was a crazy summer! The campground was way busier and we felt way older. In order to keep the vibe we love, we are working on ways to keep things more manageable for us. Limiting our available sites while always being able to find room for unexpected guests and weary travelers. It’s a challenge. The bottom line is that we’d rather fuss over 10 people that “get it” rather than babysit 100 people that don’t! Stay tuned for some exciting changes that we look forward to sharing with you.