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Then you’re welcome at Toad Rock! Yes. That includes Albertans and all the stubblejumpers to the east. As soon as borders are open, everyone from anywhere will be welcomed once again.


COVID-19, NEW RULES We will be open for tenters and self contained trailers only for the entire month of June. No showers, no camp bbq’s or kitchens, no communal gatherings. Trailers etc. will be parked as usual out under the power line as there are no serviced sites. If compliance with the copious signs and […]


We have just received the new provincial guidelines for opening June 1. Some pretty big changes from the usual Toad Rock standards, where it has always been a very “communal, help yourself” kind of place. Groups arriving together will be considered a “family” and will need to social distance from campers not in their group. Our […]

Not Open Yet

Following Provincial Parks Guidelines, we will not be able to take care of our campers at least until June. This is to encourage people to stay home and to minimize the chance of infection from other campers or shared facilities. It totally sucks, but our main concern is to keep everyone healthy so we can […]