News & Announcements

“Twas an awesome summer!

Thank you everyone that honoured our home with your presence. In spite of the rain, heat, campfire bans, and wind storms we all seemed to manage a good time and look forward to your return. Contact us sooner rather than later if we can help in any way with your 2018 plans for Toad Rock […]

Hello Sunshine!

New word – Frampers – used to refer to the wonderful folks that we meet as campers and quickly become friends. So to all you Frampers, the 2017 season is looking very busy and fun filled. Call us if you need more info. on any of the activities that groups are planning here, and we’ll […]

Senior’s Discount

   We like old bikes! If your bike is more than 30 years old, we have a deal for you. $10.00/person/night Save your money for the inevitable repairs, and just keep riding the bike you love!  

Toad Rock Security

Feel safe and secure with your personally trained canines on patrol 24/7. All excel at keeping the bears off the property and your food off your table.   Buckwheat and Norma Jean are the eldest! Buck is a “Pyrador” – a Pyrenne x Labrador born in June, 2012. The blonde bombshell, Norma Jean, was born a couple of […]