News & Announcements

The FUN Summer of 2018!

Just a heads up that folks are booking their various celebrations here for the summer of 2018, and it looks like it’s going to be a very fun, busy one. Please give us a shout if you’re thinking about a group camp-out this summer. Always room for tenters!

Senior’s Discount

   We like old bikes! If your bike is more than 30 years old, we have a deal for you. $10.00/person/night Save your money for the inevitable repairs, and just keep riding the bike you love!  

Toad Rock Security

Feel safe and secure with your personally trained canines on patrol 24/7. All excel at keeping the bears off the property and your food off your table.   Buckwheat and Norma Jean are the eldest! Buck is a “Pyrador” – a Pyrenne x Labrador born in June, 2012. The blonde bombshell, Norma Jean, was born a couple of […]