News & Announcements


Due to unprecedented weather conditions we will be closing the showers indefinitely as of Monday. July 19. Flush toilets will remain functional – for now. “If it’s yellow, let it mellow. If it’s brown flush it down.” Water conservation has become a priority.

Quality, Not Quantity

We have done some downsizing of the campground and are now fully booked for the July and August long weekends. This should help a couple of old farts like us to maintain the comfort of our home while caring for the world’s finest campers! Thank you everyone for your continued support.

We’re Open!

No sense waiting until the work is done – that’ll never happen. Come enjoy our usual “work in progress” and we’ll do our very best to take care of you. Cheers, Grant and Mary

Covid Update

Shit just got real. We will now defer our opening to June 1 (with guarded optimism). Details will be announced this Friday by Premier Horgan but as a head’s up here are the current guidelines. As a tourism business, my reservation and guest lists will be open to audit and even though enforcement rules have […]