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Contact information and stuff

We’ve managed to weather some crazy internet stuff and it looks like it’s all sorted now. Three cheers to Leigha, who continues with her efforts to keep this place humming while us old folks recover and recuperate. We have no idea how many emails and reservation requests were missed during that time, and she is […]

And away we go…..

2023. whoosh, that was fast! We’re planning to expand the hours of Grant’s Grill so we can serve you up breakfast and dinner this year. Beats the crap out of having to start searching around for an open restaurant after you’ve settled in. BBQ’s are still available for you to do your own cooking and […]

Campfire Ban

We disregard Provincial mandates when they don’t make any sense. We will continue with our campfire ban until there has been a significant rainfall and local wildfires are under control. Campfires are now allowed at provincial campsites, but not here at our home. BBQ’s and propane are provided for your cooking needs and we’re having […]

Summer 2022

It’s so nice to have the campground filled with beautiful folks again, (some we haven’t seen since pre covid days), and they’re bringing their friends! So lets make a few things clear and deal with some old news and silly rumours. Water is on! (it was never off but due to covid and heat wave […]